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Simplifying Life: How To Declutter Your Closet

After all of the Black Friday shopping, holiday shopping, and holidays, my closet is stuffed! Winter is such a busy time of year, I totally lost track of things, and now it's time to clean out my closet. It's tough to do, I really want to keep everything. But, it's tough love, baby! I've listed the steps I'm going to follow, and you should follow along. A clean home is a happy home. And if you haven't worn it, you've gotta toss it!

Organized closet from Pinterest

Get some boxes. OK, this seems super simple, but I know how hard it is to start a task when you have excuses. Not having boxes is NOT an excuse. Go out and get them so we can get started. box

Boxes from The Container Store

Start with a small area, and take everything out! You have to be able to see everything so you can make an informed decision. I say start small because if I decide to tackle the entire closet at once I'll get overwhelmed and may not finish. Pick a side, corner or couple drawers and empty them out. sorting bins

Sorting bins from Apartment Therapy

Sort your things into three piles. Now it's time to be brave. You can do it. I've got to do it too, so we're doing it together! The easiest pile to start with is the one you're going to toss. If it's ripped, or the zipper is broken, or fugly, let's toss it! Next, divide up your things into recently used or haven't used for 12 months. I say 12 months so we have no excuses. If you haven't used it in a year, you're probably not going to use it. If you haven't used it, there's a reason. It either doesn't fit, or you don't love it. Put those things aside, and I'll tell you what to do with soon. If you've used it recently, it fits you well, and makes you feel FAB, put it back. (Tip: Think about what you're putting back before you actually do. You may want to save to restocking until later. That way you can sort by color or season!)

Milano boxes from The Container Store

Combine your piles. Now the tough part. If you haven't used it in the past year, I guarantee you're not going to use it. If it's in working order and can be reused put it in a box. If it's unwearable or unusable, put it in the toss pile. When you're done, close up the box and DONATE. You'll be doing something great for someone else, and something great for yourself. More room in your closet AND peace of mind. You'll feel great when this is over, I promise. hanging clothes

A reorganized closet from Penelope's Oasis

Move on to the next area. Now you're a pro, and you can start on another area in your closet. I know, it was tough, but now you get to shop more! Feeling better? I am! Do you dread cleaning out your closet or really love it? What are your decluttering tips? What part of decluttering do you hate? Dish, I want to hear!

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