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Fab Friday: Jamie Drake of Jamie Drake Design

Drumroll please...it's time for another Fab Friday. This week, I had the pleasure to chat with the fabulous Jamie Drake, whose interiors make you stop in your tracks. His work is known to be bold, stylish and experimental. Jamie is not afraid to take risks and his dynamic designs exude confidence and a jaw-dropping amount of creativity. Read on to find out what this design maven is currently up to...

Robin Baron: Welcome, Jamie! Tell us what you are currently up to.

Jamie Drake: Current projects include a large and extensive project in the Hamptons, a number of NYC apartments and lofts, a townhouse in London. New lighting collections have just been launched with Boyd, and new bath accessories for Labrazel and furniture for Lewis Mittman are in the works. RB: How do you approach every new design project? JD: The minute I walk into a new project, or view the floor plan, I immediately envision the best layout. 95% of the time it’s the layout I stick with. I can walk into a room and sense what tonality it should be, whether it should be pale or intense, grayed out or vibrant. And then the equally important part is just what is right for the client. RB: Is there something you would consider your signature element? JD: I hate stagnation, so there really isn’t any specific piece of furniture or color that I would consider a staple. What’s consistent is a boldness, a savoir faire and stylish urbanity. RB: What would be your ultimate design project? JD: I would love to design in the White House!! RB: What’s your favorite building in New York City? JD: I could never choose a favorite, however after having worked in The Dakota, I have such a respect and love for the intricate design and architecture. RB: In your opinion, what’s the key to your success? JD: Honesty and transparency with clients. The client-designer relationship is very important to me. You can’t be a successful designer without clients! RB: How would you describe your personal décor? JD: Sleek, bold and functional JD: Sleek, bold and functional RB: What does fabulous mean to you? JD: It’s about mixing high and low, using bold color, and not being afraid to combine different periods, shapes and forms. That is when you truly create something extraordinary.

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