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Simplifying Delicious: Top Picks for Healthy Leftover Turkey Recipes

Hello Fabulistas! Even though tomorrow's the big day, I'm already planning what I'll do with all my Thanksgiving leftovers. I can only eat so many sandwiches, so I've been on the hunt for healthy leftover turkey recipes. Here are some I'm trying this weekend. Wild Rice and Turkey Casserole I adore recipes with short prep times, which makes this my favorite out of the bunch! This casserole not only uses up leftover turkey, but gives me extra time to clean up, reorganize, or hang out with loved ones. It also gives a little time to start your Christmas decorating. Add a special touch to your table with twist candlesticks like these found here. They'll will make it feel like a special meal and not just leftovers! robin2

from Tablespoon

Greek Orzo Soup This recipe calls for chicken, but I'm substituting leftover turkey instead. I find that chicken and turkey are interchangeable, so this is a fab recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers. Because it's made in a crock pot, I can spend a few minutes prepping, and move on to something else. I love multitasking! robin1

from Kalyn's Kitchen

Turkey and Eggplant Parmagiana Casserole My family loves parmagiana recipes. They are filling and tasty, and can last a few days. I love the idea of adjusting this delicious recipe with leftover Thanksgiving turkey. It's definitely a good one for a house full of kids, or adults, who love to eat! robin3

from Aunt B on a Budget

Curried Turkey Pita You can't avoid leftover turkey sandwiches, but why not jazz them up? This curried turkey pita sounds fantastic. It's quick and easy to make, and will be great for lunch. robin4

from Eat at Allie's

Tetrazzini Tetrazzini is a delicious baked recipe that's a healthy mix of mac and cheese, and pot pie. It's typically made with chicken, but I'm substituting leftover Thanksgiving turkey. This is another prep and bake recipe that gives me extra time to relax! robin5

from Daily Waffle

I'm excited to test out these post-Thanksgiving recipes. Leftover turkey doesn't have to be boring, it can be fabulous! Which of these recipes will you be testing out this weekend? Let me know what you think of them in teh comment section.

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