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Tuesday's Trends: Smoked Glass

Hello Fabulistas! There's something undeniably masculine and mid-century about smoke glass. The look gives just about anything a bit of edge, which helps balance out the metallics I love to use in designs. Here are a few of my favorite incarnations of this style.


from Pinterest

Smoked cocktail glasses

I adore a good hunt for vintage and antique pieces. I don't always have time to dedicate to perusing shops, though. So sometimes I take my hunt to Etsy, where I've found some surprising treasures! These mid-century cocktail glasses would be a great way to show your love for the smoked glass trend. They'd be fab for holiday entertaining!


from Etsy

Smoked glass table

This table would look so chic in a minimalist setting. Plus, the smoked glass surface might allow for a little more dirt and debris than its clear counterparts. You have to love a chic and convenient piece of furniture!


from Nuevo Living

Geometric smoked glass pendant

Remember my saying on lighting all four corners of your room for a happier space? Well, you might as well find chic lighting fixtures that will please your eye, too! I could stare up at this geometric mid-century pendant for hours. The angles and smoked glass play up the light so well.


from Etsy

Smoked glass bar cart

Finding a vintage smoked glass bar cart can be quite the challenge. It's one of those items you have to know you want and look for relentlessly! I see them pop up and snatched up immediately on places like Etsy and One Kings Lane all the time. I adore the copper bamboo frame on this one, but chrome also makes for a chic pairing.


from Pinterest

What's your favorite form of the smoked glass trend? Where have you seen the mid-century trend popping up? Let's talk the chic look in the comment section below!

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