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Shopping at Home: Wallpapered Furniture

Wallpapered Furniture | Simplifyingfabulous.com image via Decoratrix
One of the easiest ways to green your interiors is to go, what I call, “shopping at home.” Repurposing what you already own to make it new again is always better for the environment than purchasing something new! My post yesterday on the repurposed, wallpapered dresser I found at the Upper West Side boutique ShiShi really got me thinking about the power of wallpaper on furniture! Though a fresh coat of paint in a bright color would be a great way to jazz up a piece of furniture, wallpapered furniture adds an unexpected touch to any room. And you thought it was just for the walls! Whether it’s by adding a pop of pattern to the entire front of a dresser, lining the inside of an armoire with drama, or packing a punch of personality to the back of a bookshelf, wallpaper undoubtedly makes a statement.
wallpapered furniture | simplifyingfabulous.com image via Handmade and Heritage
Walk through your home and take a close look at what you have. Are there pieces that you would love to swap out for something more updated? Does that cherry-stained “investment piece” armoire not quite do it for you anymore? The first step is to decide which piece of furniture you want to convert. Note that square, linear pieces are easier to cover, though curvy ones aren’t impossible (just be sure to wet the paper so that it molds). Then, onto the fun part...picking the wallpaper! I always recommend trusting your eye, letting it be your guide. Keep a few things in mind during your search:
  • Tight, small graphics or patterns may look great up close, but they are bound to look busier in large scale installations.
  • Bring a swatch of the wallpaper home with you first to see how it goes with the space. The lighting in a craft store may be much different than that of your home!
  • Let the color scheme of the room act as a guide, not a box. Feel the freedom to push the boundaries with the print and colors of the wallpaper. You can always re-repurpose the piece later on when you are tired of it again!
By shopping and getting your creative juices flowing, you can instantly turn a tired piece of furniture from drab to fab. And who knows, it may inspire you to see things in a new light from now on! P.S. Great DIY Guides are available through our friends at Apartment Therapy and Country Living!

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