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Sheer Summer Style

With the sun dipping below the horizon a little later each day, it’s time to infuse some sheer fabric into your home, opening the windows and inviting the warm glow of sunshine in. The lightweightness of sheer allows a simple breeze to instantly send your curtains and canopies (and heart) aflutter, while bringing a sense of elegance and femininity to a design. But before you begin incorporating the see-through styles, keep these five tidbits in mind:
  1. Sheer and Simple: Skinny rods compliment lightweight curtains. Adding a chunky valance will take away from the wispy effect you’re going for with a sheer curtain.
  2. Pattern Play: When people think of sheers, they immediately think of solid ivory or white. Adding sheers with subtle patterns adds interest; however, keep the tones simple in order to maintain the airy look, such as these from the Windrose collection of Home Fabrics.
3. Kiss the Floor: In order for your window treatments to fly freely, steer away from puddling the fabric onto the floor. Designers are moving away from this trend and instead opting for their curtains to “kiss the floor.” Photo from The Old Painted Cottage 4. Tulle Texture: Thought tulle was just for brides-to-be? Think again! Perfect for little girls’ rooms or nurseries, the sheer fabric is ideal for crafting décor accessories or canopies fit for a princess. 5. Color: Sheer curtains in jewel-like tones can have an ethereal effect on a room. Deep turquoise or orange can turn an everyday living room into a Moroccan fantasy, or a pastel pink can bring a sense of enchantment into a bedroom. Think of what works with your individual décor and don’t be afraid of a little bit of color. Photo: Rethink Design Studio; Home Fabrics; Design*Sponge; : The Old Painted Cottage; House & House Architects

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