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Fab Friday with Genevieve Gorder

Last night I attended the Housing Works’ eighth-annual Design on a Dime benefit, one of New York City's most stylish and iconic shopping benefits. I interviewed Genevieve Gorder, renowned interior designer and HGTV star. She took furniture from Housing Works Thrift Shops and used Valspar Paint to transform them into fresh new pieces! It looked fabulous!

Robin Baron: Hi Genevieve...Why do you support this particular event? Genevieve Gorder: Well Housing Works is an incredible charity! It’s been in my neighborhood for many years. I’ve shopped there, I’ve given there…It’s nice to actually design with them and for them. And Valspar is a great partner of mine…and to celebrate color in a booth with vintage items, there is nothing really more up my alley than that! It’s a great combination!

RB: Vintage anything, repurposed and reused is great anyways! GG: Oh it’s soul. Pure soul. Naturally in design, whatever new thing I bring in there’s something vintage as well to balance that. RB: You mentioned your neighborhood..what neighborhood do you live in? GG: I’m a Chelsea girl! I was on 17th between 7th & 8th which was a block from Housing Works, all through college and after…and now I’m a few blocks away but I’ve been in Chelsea almost 15 years… it’s home. RB: Chelsea does has a lot of fantastic, fabulous places! GG: It rules! RB: So tell me, what are some of your favorite design marts in your neighborhood? GG: Obviously, Housing Works is one of them. My True Value Hardware, on 9th Avenue and 22nd Street has the biggest selection of wallpapers in the city! It owns this whole Swedish line, Sandberg, that I can’t find anywhere.. he has the exclusive, as well as on Farrow and Ball. Obviously, Olde Good Things…I go to often and frequent. Apt 48. And my textiles..l’aviva home, that’s in Soho but I go there a lot… she’s wonderful!

Valspar Color Chips for booth
RB: What about things for your own home, where do you shop? GG: All of those places I shop at. But I also am pretty global where I shop. I go to a lot of the architectural salvage stores where I grew up in Minneapolis. Because as your childhood landscape, that is really symbolical. All the woodworking from that area of the world, mostly Scandinavian…thick, Norwegian, German woodwork doors, leaded glass, I bring it all back to my apt.. So then I feel like I see my Grandma, I see my Mom..I see my childhood every day. The total values, even how things sound from you as a kid, and bringing that into your adult home is crucial for me to feel like I own it. RB: What are a couple of cool restaurants in your neighborhood? GG: Tia Pol. It’s so legitimate Spanish tapas. I used to live in Spain so I’m a snob when it comes to my tortilla. It’s a half a block away and it’s perfection. La Bergamonte Patisserie has the best French pastry in the city I think. RB: What does fabulous mean to you? GG: It’s different to everyone… but I think it’s knowing who you are and owning it completely! Color Chips Reference Guide: Valspar Wall Color: Luscious Green Dining Table: Lincoln Cottage Black 4009-2 and Ultra White 7006-24 Desk/Vanity: Mark Twain House Ombra Gray 4004-2A Dining chairs (all 4 mismatched dining chairs): Golden Delight 3005-1A Tall Chinese Lattice (PAIR): Ultra White 7006-24 Side Table: Rugged Suede and Ultra White Pattern Framed Picture: Lincoln Cottage Black and Ultra White Bird Sconces: Lincoln Cottage Black

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