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Set The Mood: Top Picks for Romantic Wallpaper

Hello Fabulistas! It's too easy to consider anything floral as romantic. Sure, floral can be fabulous too, but I think the intrigue that modern prints and textures create is far more romantic. So put aside those traditional florals this Valentine's Day and think about more modern shapes and colors that will create an atmosphere. Here are some of my favorite wallpapers from my go-to trade resources to help set the mood you desire. Dimensional variety It takes time to find your perfect wallpaper. There are so many modern patterns and tones to explore. I adore how these neutral-toned prints seem to jump off the paper. They would add dimension to any room's walls! wall

Laurita wallcovering from Romo

Metallic Moroccan-inspired

I'm quite vocal about my love for metallics! The textured background of this pattern creates a lived-in, distinct style that will elevate any room. The clouded mirror appearance creates some mystique for the mood. Plus, the nod to Moroccan style is so chic!


Marrakesh Metal from Phillip Jeffries

Textured background Wallpaper, no matter how fabulous, shouldn't command all the attention in a room. You must have a great backdrop for art and furniture to create drama. This textured variety gives the room depth and makes its other features pop from the wall. Its subtlety, color and texture make it so interesting. Remember, it's the details that make the room.

kravetW3074.6 from Kravet

Geological mood

Sometimes it's best to embrace nature's natural beauty. I love how these panels of wallpaper mimic natural rock. The metallic tones and visual texture make the cold, steel accents look so warm and welcoming. It would help put anyone at ease!


Geology from Phillip Jeffries

Flowering brights

The gold and teal in this damask make this time-tested pattern type fun and young instead of old-fashioned and dowdy. Black and white damask can be so romantic, but this color duo is invigorating!


Desire from Graham & Brown

Exotic ikat

Bold patterns in saturated tones can be so invigorating! This exotic ikat pattern is fantastic for inspiring creativity and passion. The white table and accents do a fab job of letting the wallpaper do the talking. You don't need much more when a pattern is this bold!


Indo-Ikat from Phillip Jeffries

Artful glimmer

Wallpaper patterns are like works of art to completely dress a room. This dimensional pattern would make a fabulous accent wall. I adore how it gleams in an inviting, warm glow that would soften the lines of any room.

da vinci

Da Vinci from Phillip Jeffries

Bold damask

This classic pattern is one of my all-time favorites. Normal floral patterns are normally too stuffy for me. These shapes are beautiful and evoke the same beauty without looking too stuffy. Black and white is always a sure bet for creating high drama!


Grandis Flock wallcovering from Romo

Wallpaper always sets a mood in a room, so why not make that a romantic one? Remember, a romantic mood isn't just reserved for Valentine's Day! What kinds of wallpaper patterns do you find romantic?

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