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Effortless Flair: How to Mix and Match Glassware

Hello Fabulistas! Nothing makes a gathering feel as intimate and carefully planned as table settings mixed and matched to perfection. The varied, interesting settings are always the most memorable. Besides, at this point, a party didn't happen if it wasn't worthy of Instagram. Here are my secrets to mixing and matching your glassware at the table with finesse. Source vintage and antique pieces I find endless inspiration when antique and vintage shopping. The key to finding the best pieces is giving in to the hunt! Don't be afraid of bargain bins, either. You can find gorgeous glassware pieces of the same style that will coordinate beautifully. antique

from Style Me Pretty

Find varied patterns in the same color

I love to hunt and find antique glassware. That's the way to find the most interesting and varying patterns! It's those differences united by something like the same color palette that make guests feel like you put a great deal of time and effort into planning an affair.


from 100 Layer Cake

Embrace all glass types Don't shy away from mixing and matching glasses intended for different uses. These lavender glasses create an interesting look with different shapes. Plus, this shade looks fabulous with red wine! purple

from Pinterest

Stick with a theme

Planning table settings is easier when you have an overall theme. Sometimes that theme finds you while on antique hunts for glassware and dishes. Pieces from different collections often share common traits. If you're worried that your table setting may be a little too disparate, you can limit yourself to a few colors like pink and green here.


from Crush Cul de Sac

Ground mixed elements

Fabulously mixed pieces need something to tie them together as a cohesive tablescape. Here, oxblood cloth napkins do the trick. You can also try using consistent silverware or flower arrangements.


from Pinterest

Hunt for pressed glass pieces

When I go on antique and vintage hunts, I always have a few things I'm also trying to spot. Pressed glass pieces are one of those. Not only are they fabulous for your tables, they make great hostess gifts. There are pressed glass pitchers, dishes, cake stands and plates perfect for layering.


from Martha Stewart

Vary heights on the table

Keeping everything on your table the same height means that your finds can get lost in a sea of fabulous! I adore cake stands because they elevate certain elements like pastries, floral arrangements and much more. It's also very easy to find pressed glass cake stands.


from Hukkster

You don't have to use all these techniques at once, but using several goes a long way in creating a gorgeous table setting. Do you have any secrets of your own for mixing and matching glassware? Do you have any other concerns about table settings?

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