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On the Hunt!

I love the hunt! This past weekend, I took a jaunt to the Berkshires to do one of my absolute favorite things: antique hunting! What a beautiful locale…the chic antique markets are complimented by such gorgeous natural sights. On this particular excursion, I couldn’t get enough of the outdoor furniture and accessories. Take a look at some of these spectacular finds! We started off at Joseph Stannard Antiques, a fabulous spot for outdoor pieces. Right away, this vintage faux bois set caught my eye. Don’t you just love it? The great thing about these sculptures is that they can also be used as planters! There were a few live edge pieces that I adored. These two were my favorite. One of my favorite finds was this old French fence post, which can be used as a garden sculpture. Next, we headed to Michael Trapp, a fabulous vintage haunt. Check out these fabulous Indonesian planters, which are made with individual stones! I also loved this granite garden stool. Wouldn’t you love to see something like that in your garden? Finally, we found ourselves at my good friend Patricia Fox’s house, “The Mill,” which is a famous property in Ashley Falls! I couldn’t get enough of her vintage iron dining chairs. There’s something about the delicate nature of the sculptural quality that really caught my eye.

I could go on for days about all of the fantastic pieces I find when I’m on the hunt. For now, do some hunting of your own!

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