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Necessary Pleasures

My office just got a fab new espresso machine from Philips Saeco, and it got me thinking about necessary pleasures.
Saeco Focus Automatic Espresso Machine (retail price: $939.00 on Amazon)
Photo Credit: Saeco
For me, these include chocolate, my venti two-pump chai (no water, no foam), girly TV nights with my daughter Chloe, and the occasional glam jewelry purchase (metallics all the way, baby!). “Treating yourself” doesn’t have to mean splurging, either. It can mean that instead of chugging down your morning cup of coffee, you take the time to sit down with the newspaper (or with your daily celebrity gossip column or morning talk show) and take long, slow sips. Espresso tastes that much better when you take the time to enjoy it!
Photo Credit: Saeco
To me, the best foods and drinks take you on a little journey. Okay, so maybe that’s cliché…but have you ever eaten a really good macaroon and closed your eyes and imagined walking by the Seine in Paris? Or opened a bottle of Austrian wine and imagine the hillside vineyard where it was made? Maybe that’s why I’m loving my Saeco espresso machine…because it’s got that that century-old, rich flavor and it sends me all the way to Italy.
Photo Credit: Saeco
When I really think about it, that’s how I look at design, too. Great design transports you…to somewhere across the globe, to a memory from your past, or even to the thrift shop where you found that great lampshade or teapot. Filling up your life with memories like these make your home, your wardrobe, and your life as rich as a warm, frothy cup of espresso.

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