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Hello Indigo!

I have a new, favorite obsession: Indigo! This season, deep, saturated blues are popping up everywhere from designers’ runways to décor mags to bloggers’ Pinterest pages…and they caught my eye, too! You know I’m all about color, and indigo, with its richness and elegant appeal, is an unstoppable trend! Whether you like to color your ceiling or prefer to use blue-toned accessories, indigo is a fabulous way to add a dash of color to your interiors. Let me show you some great examples of how to incorporate it.
Photo Credit: House Beautiful
Need a vacation? The indigo accents add to the overall aquatic ambiance of this beach cottage….don’t you just want to cuddle up under that pile of pillows? (We all know I’m going through a major pillow phase…)
Photo Credit: Elle Decor
Where should I start with this room? The casual, yet elegant combination of wooden accessories and the deep indigo cabinet reminds me of the sea! So chic!
Photo Credit: Nate Berkus
Gray + indigo = perfection! Enough said!
Photo Credit: The End of History Store/Daniel Petix
Indigo, antique-looking vases are such a fab way to add a dash of color to you décor. Like all colors, indigo has a range, and here I love the purple tone of these pieces. Don’t they remind you of molten lava?
Photo Credit: Global Table
When I visited Global Table, I came across these fab candles… Isn’t the mix of turquoise, gray and indigo to die for? This arrangement could be the starting point for an entire room’s color palette!
Photo Credit: Global Table
The thing I love most about indigo is that it has such an organic feel when combined with white. The dishware at Global Table is a perfect example of how well the contrast of white and blue works! Here’s the ironic thing about all of this fabulous indigo talk…anyone who knows me knows that I am not a blue person! That is to say, I RARELY use blue in my designs. That’s the thing about having an open mind, though…you never know what will inspire you or catch your eye. And theses days, I’m inspired by the unique way that indigo makes me feel. Aren’t you? So don’t stay in the dark…umm blue…about this fabulous trend! I’d love for you to share your favorite indigo finds on my Twitter and Facebook pages. Stay fabulous! XoXo, R

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