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Guest Room Comfort Guide: Turn Your Spare Bedroom Into a Holiday Haven

Give guests more than just a place to rest their head this holiday season. A warm bed is appreciated, but comfy linens and a selection of pillows make it better. A clean towel is great, but what about a disposable razor? Follow these six tips to inexpensively turn your spare bedroom into a thankful winter guests' haven.

Comfy Linens

Choose an inviting bedspread with comfy linens for the guest bedroom. The bed and its bedding will be the first sight guests see when entering the room. Have extra quilts or blankets folded at the end of the bed or tucked into a corner so guests can use them if they are chilled in the night. Most importantly, offer a variety of pillow types for guests with different sleeping styles. Back and stomach sleepers prefer thinner pillows while side sleepers need a firm pillow that keeps their neck straight and inline with their spine. Ask your guests what they'd prefer or offer a selection of both.

Robe Stripe Bedding from West Elm via Apartment Therapy

Let There Be Light

Create soft light with frosted lamp shades and lower wattage bulbs to create a comfortable atmosphere for guests. While guests need to be able to see, they also want to relax or read without harsh light beating down on them. Natural light seeping in through windows during the day is invited, but at night street lights and other outdoor illumination is unwelcome. Install blackout roller shades to give your guests privacy and the choice to diminish unwanted light for a good night's rest.

Sitting Space

Create a sitting area in the spare bedroom to give your guests somewhere to settle as they take off their shoes or have a quiet conversation before bed. For smaller rooms, a butterfly chair or bench at the foot of the bed offers style and function without taking up too much space. In larger rooms, a small sofa or set of comfy chairs serves the same purpose. For an easy do-it-yourself project, upcycle an old coffee table or piano bench into a foot-of-the-bed bench by placing or stapling cushions on top.

Chaise Lounge via Houzz.com

Extra Storage

Unless you have overnight guests visit constantly, you will use your spare room more than them. While guests understand that, they don't want to feel like they are intruding. To avoid sending unwelcoming or unprepared signals, utilize your space. Lift the bed off the floor and use rolling containers to keep storage. Place dual purpose ottomans around the room to serve as storage and seating. A built-into-the-wall dresser gives guests somewhere to keep their clothes without taking the floor space an average dresser would.

A Warm Touch

Help your guests feel welcome by using a warm touch when decorating. For tight spaces, use mirrors to add depth. Position them so natural light streaming in from windows can bounce off, creating more light and life in the room. Fresh or faux flowers add a pop of color and give the room an extra ambiance. You can use holiday decorations but don't go overboard. Sweep any knick-knacks, bills or other personal items into a temporary storage basket and give your guests an empty vanity or desk to work at.

Guest Bedroom Decor via CasaSugar

A Midnight Snack

As a final guest amenity, consider keeping a small box in the room filled with crackers, drinks and treats for guests who might crave a midnight snack after you've said goodnight. Clean glasses or water bottles are also a nice touch. While guests expect and are grateful for clean towels and extra toiletries, they will be extra thankful (and impressed) when hunger strikes and they find you've left them imported cheeses, Christmasy hot chocolate and cookies or specialty chocolates.

This article was written by Nicholas Gibson. Nick is a blogger and social media expert who is passionate about recycling and sustainable living. He reduces his carbon footprint by biking to work and shopping at consignment shops.

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