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Green Thumb Chic: How to Keep Your Garden Going Indoors

Hello Fabulistas! Cool weather is upon us and I'm transitioning my home for the fall season. There are so many things to think about, but one of my first concerns is making sure that some of my favorite plants are kept alive and well. Here are some techniques that I'm definitely going to put to use in my home. lonny

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Hanging planters

Living in New York City means finding smart and chic ways to get more out of your small space! I love the idea of these streamlined planters. They look so great in this industrial kitchen space!


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Indoor/outdoor container plants

If you're really looking for an easy transition between your plants and seasons, look for plants that can thrive indoors and outdoors. I love the look of agave plants, which are a smart pick for this.


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Side table garden

In the city, well-lit window space is a hot commodity! These plants lined up so neatly on a storage trunk make for a perfect view. It would feel a lot like summer when you wake up to a gorgeous view like this!


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Indoor herb garden

Keeping fresh herbs around helps motivate me to cook up some healthy dishes. I like to keep one year-round and am going to move it indoors permanently. It's way more convenient and easier to cary for that way!


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Do you like to keep your plants going indoors during fall and winter months? Did I miss any smart ways to keep a garden going? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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