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Product of the Week: Woodland Side Table

Hello Fabulistas! The beginning of fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It's brisk but warm enough to spend some quality time in the park. Plus, it's a great opportunity to switch up some of your home's decor. So much non-Halloween fall decor calls upon some of nature's most beautiful elements. We see the saturated burgundies, oranges and yellows used on other things besides turning leaves. However, I also love focusing on the beauty of trees after all the leaves have fallen. There's something so sculptural about bare trees. I adore them! The Woodland Side Table harnesses my favorite fall natural element in a study of beautiful, but sturdy, bare branches indoors. I adore the raw wood tabletop and how it almost floats above all the delicate-looking branches. I imagine this in a cozy reading corner as a place to rest a stack of to-read books, or as an accent table to warm up a masculine media room. woodland

get this button copyWhere can you see this chic side table workng in your own home? How would you style it? I'd love to see your ideas in the comments section below!

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