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Glam Above: How To Deck Out Your Ceilings

Hello Fabulistas! Ceilings are often overlooked when decorating a room. Painting your ceiling white is always a classic, fab look. Although, the options are endless if you want to deck our your ceilings! So why not go full-out glam? There are several ways to glam up your space using "the fifth wall". Integrate your design Think about the ceiling as another wall in the room. Why leave it blank when you can decorate it? Paint it the same color as the walls, or cover it in a complementary pattern or color. Including it in the design will make the space feel cozy and complete.

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Make high ceilings manageable High ceilings are a fabulous feature, but in some cases they are too high. If that's the case, your ceiling may make the room feel uncomfortable. You can bring the ceiling height down by covering it in a dark color, or adding low beams. These tips will help bring the ceiling to eye level. How to deck out your ceilings

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Raise the ceiling height If you have low ceilings you can manage that, too! You can make your ceilings appear higher by using interesting treatments. Paint your ceiling in a high gloss finish to add a reflective quality. Another option is to install a reflective wallpaper or tin tile on the ceiling. These will help the room seem taller. How to deck out your ceilings

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Add decorative details Features full of details don't just belong on the walls! You can add crown molding around the perimeter of the room for a luxurious touch. If you're space is large enough, you can also add a ceiling medallion as a nice finishing touch. How to deck out your ceilings

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Think about the lighting If you have low ceilings, you can bring the height up with the lighting you choose. Install wall sconces that light up the ceiling, or install cove and trim lighting. If you have high ceilings you can install a large, low-hanging fixture. That will help bring the ceiling down, as well. Lighting can make all the difference! How to deck out your ceilings

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Ceilings are an important part of the space and should not be forgotten! A little planning is all it takes to have a fabulous ceiling! What techniques have you used to give your ceilings a glam makeover?

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