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Fab First Impression: How To Step Up Your Entry's Curb Appeal

Hello Fabulistas! Have you been thinking of glamming up your home? The first thing people see when seeing your home and entering your space makes an impact on their overall impression. I've put together a few tips on how you can step up your entry's curb appeal. Revisit your entry door Guests first see your entry door, and that sets the tone for your entire home. Does your door look consistant with the design of your interior? Is it freshly painted and free of knicks and scratches? If your door is pretty beat up, think about installing a new door. If it can be saved, throw on a new coat of paint. First impressions are everything! How to step up your curb appeal

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An inviting stoop Whether you are in an apartment or a house, you can create an inviting stoop for yourself. The key is to decorate the area in front of your door without cluttering the space. If you have the room, add planters in a variety of sizes. If you're short on space, maybe just one plant or a bench. Your home should feel welcoming so friends are thrilled to visit. How to step up your curb appeal

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Lighting, lighting, lighting! You know how much I adore lighting! I always say, light all four corners of your room. Why not light your entry, too? A well-lit entry area is inviting and warm. If you cannot add overhead lighting, install sconces on either side of the door. In addition to a fabulous look, lighting makes it easier for you to find your keys when you return home! How to step up your curb appeal

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A fab welcome mat Your welcome mat is another piece that sets the tone for your home. It should be consistent with the look of your home, and it should represent you. If you're a put-together, sophisticated lady try a sober, chic mat. If you're eccentric and colorful maybe a patterned, bright mat. Take a minute to confirm it works with your door color. How to step up your curb appeal

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Beyond the front door If you live in a house, you may want to think about more than just the front entry. If you have a front lawn, be sure it's trimmed and manicured. Add some plants that look great with the planters at your front door. You can also revisit your driveway for it's look and ease of use. How to step up your curb appeal

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It's very easy to step up your curb appeal and bring your home to the next level. If you love to have friends and family over, bring them into a space they feel good about. A well designed entry makes all the difference!

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