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Five Tips for Decorating with Pink & Red

Love is in the air! Even if you don’t buy into the Hallmark holiday hoopla, you can still show your home a little Valentine’s Day love this month. And while most Valentine’s Day décor is limited to schoolyard-style red hearts and complicated crafts, two of our favorite bloggers share tips for subtle and chic Valentine’s Day design that you’ll, well, love. Love is Blooming “Flowers can immediately sweeten the atmosphere,” says Sherry, the DIY darling behind the popular Young House Love blog. “Try popping some pink or red blooms into a vase of another color, or even try going with another colored flower (like purple) but adding them to a pink or red vase. The possibilities really are endless!” Even if you’re current décor doesn’t welcome the girly colors, she recommends mixing with another color that relates more to your surroundings. “Lime green and pink flowers can look great, and the lime can tie the pink blooms into your room if that color already appears.”

Picture Perfect Love Sherry recommends changing the color of a few frame mats to quickly and easily alter the entire room. “Paint the back of them red or pink – that way you can flip them over once a year for some Valentine’s Day fun!” She recommends painting the frame mats with thin coats of regular old latex paint (and a test pot of it will only be around $3-4). Just be sure to tape off the front with delicate surface tape. Always up for thinking outside the box, Kirsten from Simply Grove suggests framing the word of the day. “The word LOVE is such a beautiful word,” she says. “Frame the word and accessorize with it somewhere in your home.”

Home Is Where the Heart Is Go for the gusto and place a giant heart on the wall in removable paper or fabric. “If you really love the shape, why not paint a heart in a neutral color on a wall,” says Kirsten.

Love Notes Valentine’s Day isn’t about the roses or the chocolates, it’s about showing the people you care about that they are special. Show loved ones your soft side with notes, and incorporate it into your décor. “I love placing notes all over the house for my hubby,” says Kirsten. “I use cute typography on white paper and add red hearts. I stick them on the fridge, mantel, bookshelves and taped on mirrors.” It’s a great way to show you’re smitten and stylish.

Pops of Love “Your whole house doesn't have to look like Valentine's Day threw up on it,” explains Sherry. “Small pops of pink or red in the form of a red throw or pillow, a small red lacquered box or a soft pink tray on the coffee table might be all you need to subtly inject some love into the air.” “It’s a great temporary way to add some Valentine love to your home,” agrees Kirsten.

Photo credits: Young House Love, AB Chao, Greige Design, Interiors-Porn, ABC Carpet & Home

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