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Fab Friday with the Founders of Oomph

ABOUT US Oomph founders amy rice, Patty Hopple and Louise Brooks came up with the notion that three simple elements of great design can totally transform any room. In other words, custom made tables, chic chairs and beautiful pillows can add ‘oomph’ to any nest. Entirely made in the USA (and always green) comes a witty collection of hip coffee tables, comfy chairs and striking, modern pillows. Whether your style is trendy or traditional, there is always room for a little oomph! Robin Baron: What is the inspiration behind oomph? oomph: Three friends vacationing together came up with the concept that a few well designed and attractively priced pieces can take a room with a white Pottery Barn couch to another level. We wanted to simplify great choices by having a table, pillows, and chair easily come together from one source to make a statement room.

RB: What do you love most about what you do? O: We love the design aspect but also love connecting with all the designers across the country. They give us feed back and have been so supportive. We are constantly evolving and growing and we’ve learned that around every corner there’s something new and exciting.

RB: What in your work are you most proud of? O: The fact we took a concept we had and and in a few short months launched a line of home furnishings and a website - all during a recession! We still can’t believe it.

RB: What’s inspiring you now? O: Now? it seems a deadline is inspiring us! January is our busiest month but it is also a time of plotting our course for the future and our goal this year is to travel more. RB: How would you describe your own home décor? O: We each have come from traditional Connecticut Homes filled with antiques and have evolved into “traditional with a twist” - our oomph mantra. (Some have been able to make the transition more quickly than others!) We love the mix of old and new, color with the weathered.

RB: What do you love most about your home and why? O: There are three of us - Louise is an architect. She of course is the driving force behind our homes but if you were to ask us individually - it would be comfortable - large, open spaces - easy to entertain in and yet cozy enough for just two. RB: What is the one thing in your home that everyone always comments on? Amy: the flying squirrels that visit during dinner parties in her 18th century barn Patty: her beautiful spaces and gorgeous landscaping out every window. Loise: everything - but especially the view of the islands and Long Island Sound. RB: Anything else really that you’d want to include about your company would be wonderful! O: We love what we do, we have a great product and embrace a challenge. Our Bespoke program is second to none and designer’s love us! We produce everything in the USA and make every product we sell to order - we do not stock. Once we get an order (unless it is a quick ship item!) we produce it to your specifications. Within about 6 weeks - you have oomph made just for you.

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