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Fall Decor Trends: Part 2

Welcome back from the weekend! You all had such a great response to part one of my Fall Decor Trends, and let me tell you...it was hard to wait a whole week to share part two! If you're a New Yorker, you've been feeling the cold breeze in the air this past week, and walking by storefronts adorned with cobwebs and pumpkins. Maybe you've even entered into Halloween costume brainstorm mode! (I know I have...) Fall is here, baby, and it's not going anywhere. So without further ado, let's back to trending! Here are five more fabulous fall decor trends to look out for. White on White This is a classic look that is really making a statement this fall. I love it because it is SO elegant, and it gives you the opportunity to really pop color with accessories. Everything...including dishes in a kitchen, books in a living room, or pillows on a bed...becomes decorative against a white backdrop! Burgundy This rich color was all over the fall runway. Bolder than brown, warmer than purple, and calmer than fuchsia, it's the perfect color for fall! Mix and Match As you may know, I am ALL about mixing styles. The days of picking a single decor style for a room are gone! This fall, don't be afraid to take inspiration from all of your favorite aesthetics...traditional, industrial, safari, Asian-inspired, whatever tickles your fancy! You might stumble upon a spectacular new look! (And one's that's really YOU!) Velvet There's something so romantic about velvet, don't you think? It's one of the most classically elegant fabrics, but this fall, it's more versatile than ever. A velvet couch is a subtle way to add an element of chic to a room...and bonus, velvet couches are that much softer! Graphic Patterns Each season, we're seeing more and more in the way of bold, graphic patterns...both in fashion and in decor. It's such a true testament to modern design that people are taking that leap and even choosing loud patterns for wallpaper, area rugs, and furniture pieces! For some people, one pattern is enough in a room...but don't you love how the different patterns in these rooms compliment each other? That's it for my Top 10 Fall Decor Trends! Of course, there will be PLENTY more trend talk here on Simplifying Fabulous. (It's one of my favorite topics, after all.) Starting in October, Translating Trends will not only be about decor, but about fashion! Because there's always room for a little more fabulous, wouldn't you agree? Photo Credit: White on White - coco+kelley Burgundy - Vase: Z Gallerie, Room: Jerry Jacobs Interiors Mix and Match - Room 1: Kate Jackson Interior Design, Room 2: Domino Magazine Velvet - Room: Elle Decor (via Blueprint Bliss), Couch: Eclectic Revisited Graphic Patterns - Room 1: Budget Wise Home, Room 2: StylishInteriorDesign

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