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Fab Friday with Martyn Lawrence Bullard

It is SUCH an honor to present today’s Fab Friday: Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designer to the stars and one of our favorite people to follow here at Robin Baron Design. Martyn’s worked with everyone from Christina Aguilera to Kid Rock to Aaron Sorkin, and was on Architectural Digest’s list of the Top 100 Designers in the world. Robin Baron: Welcome, Martyn! Tell about some of your recent projects. Martyn Lawrence Bullard: I am currently finishing a project restoring a 12th century castle in Umbria, refurbishing a 19th century landmark hotel, the Chateau Gutsch in Switzerland, and a new home for Sir Elton John and his family in Beverly Hills. RB: How would you define your style? Or would you say that your style resists definition? MLB: My style is constantly evolving to keep up with the dreams and demands of my clients.

RB: What has been your favorite project thus far? MLB: I think so many of my projects are favorites for different reasons, but Cher’s Indian fantasy was fun as it was more like a stage set and so fun to work with someone so creative. RB: What inspires you? MLB: Travel inspires me the most, the cultures, smells, food and people I see and meet on my travels. Also, my clients' imagination inspires me constantly. RB: How did you get started in interior design? MLB: I fell into my career. I was acting and the director of a movie I was in asked me to help do their offices. I did and that led to meeting Cheryl Tiegs who hired me! Then presto, 9 months later the home appeared on magazine covers around the world and a career was born!

RB: What do you think has been the key to your success?

MLB: Diversity, passion, and an understanding that interiors are to be lived in and are not museums. RB: How would you describe your own personal home décor? MLB: Eclectic, Moorish, comfortable and intensely personal to me! RB: What’s a piece in your home that everybody comments on? MLB: An inlayed Milanese 18th century cabinet in ebony with mythical scenes in ivory and pen work. RB: What’s next for you? MLB: I’m busy filming a show for the UK. Awaiting the premier of Million Dollar Decorators in November and designer away new collections for all my lines with Schumacher, The Rug Company, Board Brokers and MLB fabrics. Also, I have 3 new lines that will launch in 2013!

RB: How would you define fabulous? MLB: Fabulous is to me always luxury and modern luxury is of course comfort!

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