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Fab Friday: Sarah from Sarah Sarna Interior Design

Happy International Women's Day, everyone! When I went to the Rue Daily launch party last week, I ran into fellow interior designer and blogger, Sarah Sarna. And you know me...I HAD to ask her to become a Fab Friday! Sarah's beautiful designs take a global approach and are infused by Caribbean, French and Indian influences. When she's not working with clients, she blogs for her fabulous blog Live The Life You Dream About. Read on to find out more about what this fabulous woman is up to! Robin Baron: Welcome, Sarah! Tell us a bit about what you do. Sarah Sarna: I’m an interior designer at Sarah Sarna Interior Design, and the editor of Live The Life You Dream About, a lifestyle blog with a focus on style, interiors, fashion, New York, and life. RB: What do you love most about being an interior designer? SS: When you change your surroundings, your mood, your perspective, your interactions with others, your entire life, so to speak, changes as well. I love collaborating with my clients on this process – I not only help others live their dream, but in the process, I am living my own. I love being an interior designer. RB: What product in your portfolio are you most proud of? SS: I’m very proud of the range of work in my portfolio. Every project and client is one of a kind, and I feel the diversity of my work conveys that. I have three projects that I’m in the process of photographing at the moment and look forward to adding these (all fascinatingly different!) to my portfolio soon. RB: What’s the one interior design trend you can’t get enough of? SS: Lucite furnishings and gold finishes. The reflective quality of glossy finishes is back! I love how they reflect natural light and brighten up a room! RB: We love your blog, Live the Life You Dream About! When you’re not blogging, what are you up to? SS: Spending time with my husband! On weekends we catch up on our training mileage for races in Central Park (the New York City Half Marathon in a week and the New Jersey Marathon in May), take naps, read, watch old movies, and have brunches, dinners, and drinks with friends. RB: What’s on your daily blog to-do list? SS: Before work I check to make sure the post I’ve scheduled is live, and re-read through it to see if any changes need to be made. I also check twitter, instagram, pinterest and my facebook page to make sure they all have activity going on; that fb posts are going up, tweets are being responded to, and likes are being given on instagram, etc. While eating lunch, I’ll look at google analytics to see LTLYDA’s “stats” and respond to blog inquires on collaboration. In the evening I work on new posts, and when I have an evening design event, I try to sneak in blogging during the day or skip the following day. RB: What do you do when you’ve hit a creative block? SS: I know it means I need to get more blood flowing! I’ll take an hour and go to Central Park for a walk, or if there’s not enough time to do that, stretch or organize around my office, make a cup of tea. I’m a big believer in the mind-body connection. If my brain feels stuck, it always means my body is as well and needs to move. RB: What are your favorite design/fashion/lifestyle blogs? SS: I have Life in Sketch and CourtneyPrice.com bookmarked and read these favorites every day. When I have more time I go to bloglovin and catch up on the close to 100 more blogs I read, including additional favorites, ECLECchic, The Zhush, and Design Chic. RB: What’s your one piece of wisdom you would share with someone whose dream it is to start their own company? SS: Be honest with yourself about what you want and how you will achieve it. Now go for it! RB: Last but not least, what does fabulous mean to you? SS: Fabulous means embracing your life and how you want to live it. You only live once.

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