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Fireplace Facelift: How to Decorate Your Fireplace

Hello Fabulistas! Do you have an outstanding fireplace and mantel, or maybe they need some major dressing up? Either way, the fireplace is automatically a focal point in any room. It's time to capitalize on yours and use it to really set the mood in the space. Here's how to get the most bang for your fireplace. A fabulous fireplace with lots of trim and a marble surround can make a real estate deal. But, you want to make sure that you get the most of that amazing architectural feature! If your fireplace is already fabulous, make sure you deck the mantel with befitting decor. I love how the frames of the two large pieces of art echo the casing on the fireplace. Plus, these pieces keep the fireplace as a place for your eye to rest after exploring that intricate wallpaper!

Fireplace from Fieldstone Hill Design

If you're lucky enough to have an amazing mantel like this one, look for pieces that echo its design. Those silver containers, mirror, and china plates all have design flourishes in the same style of the mantel. Isn't this THE ultimate feminine, classic fireplace?

Fireplace from Pinterest

Does your style err more on the vintage side? Then you'll love this fireplace setup! It looks like the designer collected all of the accents in one afternoon at a flea market. This is a great example of using your fireplace without actually using your fireplace. I love how the books are stacked inside of the fireplace itself as a way to pull in all the surrounding accents!

Fireplace from Little Blue Deer

If you have the budget, go for a new fireplace surround. This one is so elegant and perfectly coordinates with the mantel! If you're going for an old-house charm look, find a cast-iron one that looks like it's been there for 100+ years. Although, stone, brick, and tile ones can be equally fab!

Fireplace from Pinterest

Just because you have a fireplace doesn't mean that you want to use it as a heating source. If you're in that group, consider piling logs in your fireplace opening. It's a cute nod to what a fireplace's original purpose. Even consider painting the log ends a color for some extra visual interest!

Fireplace from decor8

Have you tried any of these fireplace- and mantel-decorating ideas? Which one is your favorite? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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