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Fab Friday: Kimberly Friedmutter

Happy Friday, everyone. Before you start planning your weekend, I want to share with you all the deets from my phone interview with the fabulous Kimberly Friedmutter. The reality TV star, interior design enthusiast and celebrity hypnotist shares her thoughts about launching her home collection and starring on TLC's hit series "Sin City Rules." Robin Baron: Welcome, Kimberly. Tell us about yourself – what’s your story? Kimberly Friedmutter: I’m a celebrity hypnotist from Las Vegas. My clients come to me if they have personal, physical or addiction issues and have tried all other options. I believe hypnosis is highly affective and from what I’ve seen, people are generally intrigued by it. Most of the time, when I see clients, it comes down to how they spend their recovery and respiration time. The home needs to be a place to heal and restore, but a lot of people don’t see their homes that way…they see it as a place where you put your things. And the most important thing you put into your home is YOU! RB: You've launched your own home collection line. Tell us about Shangri- Las Vegas. KF: When we created Shangri-Las Vegas, which is our space here in Las Vegas, we really combined our two talents. My husband is a renowned architect, and I love to decorate: I’m the Shangri, he is the Las Vegas! I know how to create emotion in the home that satisfies the soul, and my husband understands what satisfies the resort and casino aspect of it. We like to call it the Zen with Zing, whereas I am the Zen and he is the Zing :). RB: How’s it like being on a Reality TV show? KF: It’s been a unique experience! I didn’t get to know the girls deeply…I got to know them plenty, but not deeply. I believe the reason they chose somewhat of a diverse group of people is for the juxtaposition of how we are. There are so many interesting elements to all of us, and I look forward to the next season! It’s been so much fun – my husband and I loved every minute of it! RB: What was the reaction of your cast members when they first saw your home? KF: They were amazed! Our house is really unique…there’s nothing like it here in Las Vegas. It’s an indoor-outdoor space and our guests always enjoy that feeling of being in the open. RB: Last but not least, what does fabulous mean to you? KF: Fabulous means happy. Fabulous means joy! Being a happy person is the ultimate fabulous. When you feel fabulous and look fabulous, you’ll be fabulous to you and you’ll be fabulous to others! That’s what fabulous means to me!

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