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Double Dose of Fab: Dual Purpose Furniture

I LOVE when things have more than one purpose. It saves space, time and energy! This is especially important in interiors, and very important in New York City! If you live in a small space like many of my fellow New Yorkers you MUST come up with creative ways to stay comfortable. Even many with larger homes complain about things like lack of storage. There are so many furniture pieces that can be used in multiple ways, and if you really think about your space you can have a gorgeous and useful home. As I always say, be smart. Do it right the first time! The first thing that comes to mind is a sofa bed. It's a very obvious solution to many issues. If you live in a studio apartment, or have many fabulous friends that love to crash at your pad, invest in a sofa bed! It can turn a living room into a bedroom in seconds!

Sofa bed from homesthetics

A daybed is a little different from a sofa bed... and just as useful! It's easier to convert because you don't have to remove cushions and lift. It can be used as a chaise...a bed...and a room divider! Yes, that's right! If you place it between seating areas you can divide your room two, or separate the seating area from walking area. So clever!

Daybed from 1st Dibs

I LOVE ottomans. They are great for putting your feet up, for additional seating, and if you place a tray on top they can also be used as coffee tables! If you find one on casters you can tuck it under another table, or move it into a corner of the room until you're ready to use it. Very useful!

Ellsworth ottoman from Horchow

Did you know you can use dining tables for more than one purpose? Obviously we use them for eating, but you can also use it as a serving table, or a work station. If you have a dining table with storage you can tuck away all those wine bottles you have in storage.

Belmont Dining Table from Crate and Barrel

Bookcases have their obvious use...storage for books! But if you think outside of the box...which I love to do...you can get more for your money. Some bookcases pull out and can turn into a desk...and some can be used as room dividers. This is perfect for small spaces and studio apartments.

Sloane leaning desk from Crate and Barrel

Getting the most out of your furniture seems difficult but it's actually quite simple...and much more fun than you think! What's your favorite dual purpose furniture piece? Is there anything missing from my list you'd like to add?

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