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Fab Friday: Dress Your Holiday Table

Hello Fabulistas! In case you missed it, I've been counting down the 12 Days of Robin HGTV Christmas leading up to my holiday special on Dec. 13. (Today makes Day 5!) I can only reveal so much without spoiling the fab surprises. I can reveal that I worked my magic on a table that you won't want to miss. Here are my tips for creating a picture-worthy table display for the holidays. table

from Hans Blomquist

Decorate it like a Christmas tree

It’s something really warm and wonderful to create an environment when someone comes into your room. There's no use in reserving all the decorations for the tree. An interesting table with unexpected things will put everyone in a festive mood. I like to sprinkle ornaments, garland, and fake snow throughout the tabletop scheme.


from Pinterest

Add in layers

Everything's so much more interesting with layers! Napkins are not just napkins. They’re another opportunity to add personality. Try texture blocking by using a linen runner over a crisp tablecloth, or a sheer square tablecloth diagonally over a larger tablecloth. layers

from Wild Ruffle

Include natural elements

Winter reminds me of all kinds of wonderful natural scents and textures. Adding some of these, like fruits, cinnamon, bundles of sticks, berries, and more, will bring warmth and comfort to the setting.


from Minty House Blog

Create unique name card holders Name cards in surprising holders are another way to add that little detail that makes everyone go wow. Think of something that will make your guests' evening memorable, like using chocolate truffles, or small boxes of candy as name card holders. That way your guests won't go home empty handed! card

from Corinna Raznikov

Highlight the chandelier A holiday table includes everything around it. Don't be afraid to hang ornaments from your chandelier so it looks festive as a continuation of your table's scheme. Hang ornaments from sconces in the room, too! chandelier

from Camille Styles

Treat napkin rings as jewelry

Every good outfit needs a few pieces of jewelry to make it complete. Find or make interesting napkin rings to complete each table setting. Your guests will be in awe with your fab attention to detail!


from Pinterest

Remember, it's all about creating a warm and wonderful environment for your guests. Tune into my HGTV holiday special for more ideas on decorating your holiday table! What's your holiday table scheme like this year?

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