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Elevating Accents: How to Personalize Gifts with Ornamentation

Hello Fabulistas! The way a gift is wrapped builds anticipation for what's inside. I love to wrap my gifts in style, with embellishments and ornamentation to make them look fabulous! On my HGTV Holiday Special that airs this Friday, I'm sharing some fab DIY ideas to help you personalize your gifts. I like to add bows, flowers and other details. Here are a few ideas to personalize your gifts with ornamentation. Mini Wreaths With a few found leaves and pieces of greenery, you can make a chic mini wreath to decorate your gift. They scream Christmas and look stunning on a small scale. You can make them as large or small as you like, and they add a little extra love to your gifts! robin1

from Odessa May Society

Embossed Tags Tags are a fun way to address your gifts in style. I created a method for my HGTV special to emboss my own tags so they have some flair. Here are my DIY instructions to emboss your tags. tag Materials Rubber stamps, carved into designs Glycerin clear stamp pad Embossing powder Heat Tool
    • Wet rubber stamp on the glycerin pad and stamp a card.
    • Pour embossing powder over the card until the entire image is coated.
    • Allow to sit for a few seconds, and then tap off surplus powder.
    • Turn on heat tool and point it directly on the stamped design at approx. 1 inch distance.
    • Move the heat tool over the image until the powder is uniformly melted.
    • Allow to cool/dry for 30 seconds.
Large Bows When it comes to bows on gifts, I say the larger, the better! They add an extra, luxurious touch. I go for as much volume as possible. I adore this tutorial that uses wax paper and a pair of scissors. When you're finished, it looks so luxe no one that would guess it's made of wax paper! robin2

from Whipperberry

Christmas Ornaments I always have a few stray ornaments that won't fit on my tree. Instead of storing them away for next year, share them with others by tying them on as a gift wrap accent! I prefer to use ones that are made of fabric or clay because they'll withstand being stored in a mountain of gifts. ornament

from A Beach Cottage

Twine and Fabric With a few pieces of twine and fabric you can create a lovely gift wrap motif. You may have some of these things at home, or you can buy them at a low cost. With a little time and thought you can have some gorgeous gifts wrapped in fabric! robin3

from Bo Bedre

Presentation is so important when it comes to gift giving. It shows that you really thought about the person, what they are getting, and how they are getting it. Do you personalize your gift wrap? Which of these ideas resonates with you? Don't forget to tune in to my HGTV Holiday special this Friday at 8p.m. EST to see those embossed gift tags in action!

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