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Fab Friday: Cozy Cuts for Kids & So Cozy Hair Care for Children

Simplifying Fabulous! with Cozy Friedman

ABOUT: Before becoming a licensed barber or having kids of her own, Cozy Friedman was struck by a revolutionary idea: create a salon where kids are a priority, not a nuisance. Inspired by a friend’s tale of her little nephew’s tearful visit to an intimidating—and unwelcoming—grownup salon, Cozy investigated the market and discovered that parents were clamoring for a salon dedicated to junior cuts. After earning her barber’s license, Cozy opened the doors to her first salon on Madison Avenue in New York City. Staffed with stylists attuned to the unique needs of children and stocked with the latest, greatest toys, Cozy’s Cuts for Kids was an instant success. 18 years, three salons – Madison Avenue, Upper Westside and East 74th St, Cozy continues to provide stress-free cuts for New York kids. Cozy has been featured on The Today Show, The View, and The CBS Early Show, and her expertise has been quoted in American Baby, The New York Times, MORE Magazine, Parents Magazine, and USA Today, just to name a few. Robin Baron: You own your own company, tell us about what you do. Cozy Friedman: I actually have two different companies. Cozy’s Cuts For kids is a chain of children’s hair salons and toy boutiques. We make great haircuts for kids- FUN! A few years after I was in business, I realized that I couldn’t find a high quality line of hair care products to use in my salons, so I created my own line- So Cozy Hair Care For Children. They are natural products, created with my expert team of stylists that have been tested by thousands of kids and their parents, in our salons. We kept tweaking the products until everyone was happy! I also just came out with my first book, Cozy’s Complete Guide To Girls’ Hair. RB: What is your favorite part about your job? CF: I love hearing a parent tell me how much their child used to hate haircuts until they started coming to Cozy’s. It makes what I do so rewarding! RB: How many locations do you have? CF: Three salons in NYC and So Cozy Hair Care is sold Nationally. RB: Do you have children? CF: Yes, two boys-twelve & fourteen, where does the time go?! RB: How do you stay grounded and focused with your busy schedule? CF: Yoga & early morning runs in Central Park are are the key to my happiness which keeps me grounded and focused! RB: What inspires you? CF: I don’t want to sound corny, but I’m very inspired by nature and the way it makes me feel. RB: What are your personal indulgences? CF: Anything Spa related and fresh flowers. RB: Do you have any special organizational tips/tricks? CF: Everything I could possibly need is in my iphone (and of course it’s backed up!). Also, surround yourself with awesome people. I have an amazing nanny, a wonderful assistant and fantastic GM's at the salons. It takes a village! RB: How would you describe your own home decor? CF: Very comfortable modern. Not too sleek or cold. Simple. Clean. RB: What do you love most about your home and why? CF: A great open kitchen. It’s the family HQ and where people hangout when they come to visit. Makes me actually want to cook! I also love my womb chair in my bedroom. Sitting in it and reading a good book feels very luxurious.

RB: What is the one thing in your home everyone comments on? CF: Our Brigit Bardot painting.

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