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Decorating the Home with Chrome

When the term “chrome” is mentioned, an industrial chic loft, filled with sparse, utilitarian workspaces and exposed ceiling, concrete floors and brick walls comes to mind for most. But the metal can bring a sense of warmth and, dare I say, Hollywood glamour, to a space if paired with the right décor. David Jimenez found a treasure trove of vintage chrome pieces at flea markets, antique shops and thrift stores to incorporate into his Palm Springs Regency project. “Chrome pieces have a way of unifying a space and creating instant chic,” he says. The swanky retro vibe of his Palm Springs bedroom was made possible with the yellow upholstered chrome chairs, chrome coffee table, and the yellow and chrome bedside table lamps. Stacey from Conspicuous Style offers a more feminine version with a luxurious makeover of her own bedroom that includes plush linens, decadent chandeliers and yes, chrome. The metal acts almost like a mirrored finish, reflecting and opening up the spaces.

You may notice that both designs incorporate chrome into their seating areas – the chrome chairs and table and the upholstered chrome bench at the food of the bed. Start with a few key foundational pieces and build from that, adding in a montage of colors and textures. “Don’t be afraid to mix in other metals, finishes or materials such as a mirrored table, Lucite console, or even small accents of brass,” advises David. “The mix will make the room feel more eclectic, collected and soulful.” To finish, keep the chrome from looking cold by filling the room with smart-looking accessories to add warmth and a sense of personality. “Heap a stack of design books on a coffee table, side table or nightstand (you can get them for a song at second hand book stores),” says David. “Shop for unique pillows and throws on Etsy, and comb through local antique shops for unique boxes, trays and other decorative accessories.” And always remember, if a chrome piece catches your eye and fits your budget, buy it! “Interesting-looking chrome pieces in good shape can sometimes be hard to find,” says David. “If you pass it up, you might regret it later.”

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