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Elegant Spiral: How to Recreate Tiki Barber's Christmas Tree

Hello Fabulistas! Everyone's been asking me about the tree I created for Tiki Barber and his wife Traci's foyer on my special, HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes. I want to share my tricks of the trade in the hopes it will inspire you. main The more lights, the better! I started with an artificial tree, which was great because it's easy to work with and you can use it year after year. The trick here is when you take it out of the box, it's just the beginning! Start by positioning the branches to make them look fuller. Now here's the most important tip, even a pre-lit tree needs more lights. Go wild, put on as many lights as you can. The more lights, the more festive your home will feel! lights Flower power I used silk flowers in a spiraling effect to add drama and texture to the tree. Silk flowers add elegance and have the benefit of being able to be used throughout the year in many different ways. In this case I used four different types of red flowers. The tree I used for the Barbers is a large tree, so I used larger sized flowers. Keep the size of your tree in mind when selecting your own flowers. Remember, you're not limited to red flowers. You can use any color you like, just keep the color consistent, or tone-on-tone, for the entire spiral. half Glamming up the tree Increase your tree's pizzazz by keeping the ornaments all in one color family. For this segment in HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes, I used a metallic color scheme of gold and silver. Keeping your colors consistent will make your tree luxurious, yet not busy. Remember, you want to be inspired by your own decorations. Simply switch your ornament colors for a fun twist on your consistently chic Christmas tree. topless The finishing touch Talk about over the top(per)! If anything's going to be dramatic on your Christmas tree, it has to be the topper. Here, I created a big, lush bow that gives the illusion of being the start of the floral spiral. This is the best place to be creative and make your bold statement. Anything goes, so have fun and make it personal! finished Watch me on HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes On Demand to see more of my work at Tiki and Traci Barber's home! Also stay tuned to Simplifying Fabulous, my Twitter @RobinBaron and Facebook for more design secrets from the show.

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