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Eco Friendly Furniture Ideas

With more people becoming aware of the importance of lessening their carbon footprint, the interest in eco friendly lifestyles is rising. Now, we have eco friendly building materials and designs, eco friendly vehicles...so why not eco friendly furniture as well? Whether you're planning a major redecoration of your home or you're looking to make a few telling changes, these eco friendly ideas could well come in handy. Pick sustainable materials Some trees are slow growing, and the felling of those trees has more of an ecological impact. Try and pick furniture that is made from raw materials that are sustainable, like bamboo – a fast growing, aesthetically pleasing and durable material. Wicker or rattan furniture can be a good sustainable choice, too. Buy pre-owned furniture This is not only an eco friendly choice, but it also keeps your wallet happy! Look for furniture at flea markets or online. Consignment stores and antique stores, or even garage sales are also a great place to find pre-owned pieces. You'll be amazed at the treasures you can find! Pick eco friendly upholstery and bedding Man-made materials and polymers are made using a lot of toxins and chemicals...they also create a lot of environmental waste and pollution! It's a better idea to use natural, and if possible, organic materials for the upholstery of your furniture, drapes, curtains and even for your bedding. Create a green wall Rather than put up a partition or a wall, create a green wall using plants. Climbers and creepers and other potted plants can create an area of privacy within a room, or on your patio and deck. Use energy efficient lighting Using CFLs means that you're making each single bulb last longer. Placing less pressure on your electrical grid also uses less electricity! The lower energy bills are just a plus. Insulate well If you insulate your home well, this means that you are spending a lot less on heating and cooling. You're making significant savings on a daily basis. When you consume less electricity, this adds to your eco friendly lifestyle. It reduces your reliance on the grid, and helps you make a difference. If you are making changes to insulate your home, consider putting in a rain water harvesting system or rain water collection system as well. Support local artisans Rather than buying imported furniture that could be made using toxic factory procedures, support local artisans who use local produce to make their furniture. Supporting local artisans not only means that you're encouraging the local economy, it also means that you are not contributing to the environmental costs of transporting raw materials and finished goods over great distances. Reclaimed wood DIY There's so much you can do with reclaimed wood – it can be wood you source from old or broken furniture from your own house or reclaimed wood you found elsewhere. You can use reclaimed wood to create a rustic bench for your garden, or you can use it to fashion some useful shelves in any part of the home. Author biography: This article has been written by Sarika Periwal, an interior design and decor enthusiast. More and more of us are now trying to make a difference in terms of reducing the environmental impact of our consumption patterns. To this end, various changes can be made at the individual level that could make a difference. Consider these long lasting dining room tables or these elegant dining chairs which will last you for generations.

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