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How-To: Decorate for Thanksgiving

The crisp fall weather is here, which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I love hosting Thanksgiving dinner because, well, I get to decorate! Orange and brown are traditional holiday colors, but I like to mix it up and add a modern twist. This year, I'm thinking of going all white with splashes of green, or pops of bright purples. Purple is so hot right now! Another option is to paint your pumpkins. Again, white and green are perfect, but if you're super brave, you can try purple. If you do, I'd LOVE to see how they turn out!
sources: via // via // via Menu cards or name cards add a very luxe feel to the table and the party. Slipping the name cards into a natural element, like the acorn, brings the outside in. You can always add leaves and plants to the centerpieces to create the same "fall feel". Don't forget about the candles! They add to the ambiance and really help to set the mood. sources: via // via // via Are you excited to decorate for Thanksgiving? What are your favorite Thanksgiving-themed colors? I'd love to see pictures of your fab Thanksgiving tablescape, so leave your comments below or share with me over Twitter and Facebook!

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