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Decorating with Dragons!

You never know where you’re going to find inspiration! The other day, I was out antiquing and found this great vintage necklace. It’s such a fun example of how a traditional motif can be incorporated as a chic, modern accessory! Dragons have been popping up in fashion and in home décor for centuries (even millennia!) and they’re having a comeback today. The great thing about them is that they can add so much to your décor – a classic antique element, a flash of metallic, a flair of ethnic, or a bold, eye-catching statement. It all depends on which fabulous pieces you choose! With that kind of versatility, it’s no surprise that people are incorporating dragons into all different décor styles, from English country to contemporary urban. In many Asian cultures, dragons symbolize wisdom and longevity. That makes them a great symbol for your feng shui! A prominent dragon symbol in your home promotes respect and success in all of your endeavors. So get exploring…channel your inner dragon with some of these great pieces! As you may know, I love a bold vase! And this black and white one would add a classic element to any room.
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If you're a person who loves metallics, go for a dramatic statement piece, like this gold figurine!
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Choosing a colorful dish with a dragon design is a great, functional way to incorporate the theme. Use it as a centerpiece in the middle of your kitchen table for some added interest!
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If you're feeling extra bold, try a dragon wall decal. This is especially great for a young person's bedroom, or for someone who loves a flair of edginess in their decor.
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Every home needs an unexpected element or two (or three, or four!). So unleash your inner dragon. I dare you!

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