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Preview of Fall Textile Collections!

This week, I got an inside look at three fabulous new textile lines, set to be launched this fall. And guess what…I’m sharing my fave finds with all of you! Donghia, Sahco, and Armani/Casa, all known for chic textiles, each demonstrated that inspiration truly does come from unique places. (That's one of my mantras!) In the case of Donghia’s “Moondance” collection, the source of inspiration was especially spectacular…music! The textiles are a nod to musical legend Van Morrison, so they have a certain romantic, celestial appeal. I found myself drawn to the textile of the “Wild Night” textile. It almost shimmers, don’t you think?
Donghia's "Wild Night" Textile
Sahco’s “Urban Safari” collection is right up my alley! Throw an animal print on a fabric and I'm hooked! And though they have some more traditional animal print inspired textiles, they also opted for some wilder choices. This “Persian” textile was inspired by traditional Persian lamb fur. Talk about a modern take on safari! (But don’t worry, it’s not made with real fur!)
Sahco's "Persian" textile
Can you guess what inspired this Sahco textile? This artificial leather was designed based on the unique markings and texture of ostrich leather. Pretty wild, huh? I mean seriously, when was the last time you put "ostrich" and "chic" together in a sentence?
Sahco's "Nandu" textile
My favorite piece from the “Urban Safari” collection had to be the “Zambia” textile, which combines two of my favorite things…ikat and zebra print! I couldn't get enough of it...just looking at it gives me so many design ideas! I hope it inspires you too!
Sahco's "Zambia" Textile
Next I checked out the fall collection by Armani/Casa, which was inspired by oriental culture. I’m all about Asian influences! Armani/Casa is also such a great example of how the worlds of fashion and home decor are connected. Armani is known for fashion, but look how well his aesthetic translates to decor! I'm always looking back to my fashion roots for inspiration in the home. The geometric “Fukui” textile is shown on this chic armchair, and I just loved the elegant design of the Fredonia fabric. They’d make a nice pairing, wouldn’t they?
Armani/Casa's "Fukui" Textile
Armani/Casa's "Fredonia" Textile
I love hunting for what’s new in the design world. Let’s keep the inspiration flowing!!

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