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A Women’s History Month of Inspiration!

Hi Fabulistas! 

Every year in March, I like to use my social media platforms and blog to highlight some of the most influential and inspirational women to me personally, and that have had an impact on me and the world we live in. Women have faced immense obstacles throughout history, but have continued to make a lasting impact on society, so in celebration of Women's History Month, I want to take a look at nine exceptional women who have inspired us all with their remarkable achievements and the influence they have on others. The women I’ve chosen this year are a mix of those I know and have worked with personally, those whose craft and skill are undeniably great, and those whom I see as beacons of hope and guidance for the next generation. 

Let’s start with some incredible women from one of my favorite worlds: jewelry!

Women Inspiring Jewelry

Inspirational Women in the World of Jewelry

Inspiring women from the world of jewelry. From top left clockwise: Michelle Ross, Loree Rodkin, Ashley Pittman

First on the list is Loree Rodkin, whose unique jewelry designs have captured the hearts of many - including plenty of rock stars! I’ve always loved her unique pieces, especially those stunning finger-length rings. Loree inspires women to be bold and unique in their fashion choices, and her creative vision empowers others to express themselves through their personal style.

Loree Rodkin Ring

Photo Credit: Loree Rodkin

Michelle Ross is another woman who creates beautiful, bold statement pieces that allow women to feel their full confidence when entering a room. What I love about Michelle’s work is the almost organic and natural feel of the jewelry, which really makes it stand out!

Ashley Pittman has both built a successful business and has done so by promoting ethical practices and supporting social and environmental initiatives. Ashley inspires others to create a better world through their businesses and to use their platforms for good, and you know that my philosophy has long been that when you have the opportunity to do good, you have to take it! And that brings me to my next set of amazing women.

Women Inspiring Goodness

Women Inspiring Goodness

From top left clockwise: Amanda Gorman, Melinda French Gates, Hedy Lamarr 

Melinda French Gates, a philanthropist and advocate for gender equality and global health, has donated billions of dollars to charitable causes. She has been a driving force in empowering women and girls around the world, inspiring others to use their resources and platforms to make a positive impact on society. One of the things that I admire most about Melinda’s work is that she has used her resources and notoriety in the best way possible, and makes it a point to be conscious of the social responsibility that we all have.

Amanda Gorman, the young poet who captured the hearts of many with her powerful words, has inspired countless individuals to use their voices and talents to make a difference. She reminds us all of the power of words and how they can be used to promote change and create a better future. Watching the young Ms. Gorman speak at the inauguration in 2021 was truly awe-inspiring, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for this incredibly impressive young woman.

Hedy Lamarr New Yorker

Photo Credit: The New Yorker

Hedy Lamarr was a star in the Golden Age of Hollywood. But she was so much more than that! I could go on for a long time discussing her hugely impressive life and (multi-faceted) career, and if you don’t know about Hedy Lamarr’s accomplishments, I would suggest looking them up. What I will say is that during her time on top of the entertainment world, she was also working as a scientist and inventor who helped create a technology that has had a significant impact on modern communication, including things like Bluetooth! Her story inspires us all to embrace our inner inventors and not be afraid to take risks and pursue our ideas and passions, no matter the obstacles. And that brings me to my own world: design!

Women Inspiring Design

This final set of women is particularly important to me since they are both powerful, strong, and successful women from my working world, and also women who I know personally and have been inspirations to me throughout my career.

Women Inspiring Design

From top left clockwise: LuAnn Nigara, Patti Carpenter, Caroline Hipple

First is Caroline Hipple, the president of Norwalk Furniture. Caroline is just a beacon of light for women in the home furnishings industry. She helped navigate the purchasing of her company, and her announcement was a surprise to the employees themselves! She asked if they wanted to meet the new owners, told them to stand up and look around, and announced that the employees were all made partial owners of the company, which is such a beautiful, empowering gesture. Caroline also heads up the Home Furnishing Hall of Fame and has been recognized for her leadership in the industry and her commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Her influence inspires others in the business world to prioritize sustainability and to use their leadership positions to create a better world.

LuAnn Nigara, a business coach and podcast host, has helped so many creatives grow their businesses by sharing practical advice and inspiring interviews. LuAnn was already very successful, and you would think she would leave it there. But no, LuAnn started her podcast, A Well-Designed Business, which I have been lucky enough to appear on a couple of times, and it has really grown to become hugely important in our industry. She goes around the country speaking and teaching about business and really gives back, making LuAnn another force for good in that sense. That effort always touches me because I firmly believe that it's not enough to rest on your laurels, in terms of business simply; you need to expand your business, think outside the box, and give back. Her influence reminds us of the importance of community and mentorship in achieving our goals.

Last but certainly not least is my dear friend Patti Carpenter, a trend forecaster and product designer who is passionate about preserving traditional craft techniques and promoting fair trade practices. Patti, like me, started in the fashion industry, but she reinvented herself fabulously to follow her passions. Since then, she has become a tour de force in the design world. What I find so inspiring about Patti’s story is that she forged her own path based on what she loved, and that’s something we can all appreciate and strive to do for ourselves.

These remarkable women have all achieved so much and have made a significant impact on society. Their influence inspires us all to pursue our passions, use our talents and resources to create a better world, and empower and uplift others along the way. This is always such an important month for me, and these nine women truly embody some of the qualities and characteristics that are helping lift women up around the world. I would love to know what you think, and what women you see as inspiring! Let me know in the comments below!

Ciao, Fabulistas! Until next time. XOXO 


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