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6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Summer Tablescape!

Happy Summer, Fabulistas!

Greet your guests with a stunning table display for your summer parties! When you know the secrets, it's easy to design a table that draws in your guests for delightful conversation set against a delectable dinner. From whimsical to formal, inside or out, use these tips to create your own beautiful display!

Monochrome tablescape - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Weddings Decor

1. Color - One of the first steps to creating your tablescape is to decide on a color palette. You can choose everything from a monochromatic theme where you use varying shades and tones of the same color, or use 3-4 colors to weave through your decor. You can also choose a theme that gives you a launching pad for colors. Imagine a Mexican fiesta with bright, bold colors and gold accents, or a night in Paris with magenta, pink and black highlighted by decorative pieces with mirrored silver or pearl finishes!?

Tablescape with height - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Pocketful of Sunshine Event & Design

2. Height - Create visual drama and interest by varying the height of your table design. Group coordinating items together at different levels using platters, pedestals and vases, flowers, greenery and candles - anything goes!

Layered tablescape - Robin Baron

Image courtesy 100 Layer Cakelet

3. Layering - Great design is all about layering... and tablescapes are a natural place to show off your layering skills! Add texture and create a powerful style statement with your linens by combining patterns and prints. ?Add depth and dimension by adding charger plates to your dinner and salad plates. Place greenery or a large palm frond under the place settings instead of placemats.

Mix and Match Tablescape - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Belle Maison

4. Mix and Match - Forget uniformity! An effortlessly chic look calls for mixing and matching everything from place settings to drinking glasses and linens. ?Have a little fun by using all different glasses in your place settings. Make your own place cards using different materials. However you chose to mix and match, infuse your personality into your table design to help create a unique experience for your guests.

Get more tips for mixing and matching your glassware with finesse here!

Tablescape with greenery - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Pinterest

5. Flowers and Greenery - Really bring your table to life through flowers and greenery. I like to head outside for inspiration. You may find a sprig of an herb on a napkin ring works perfectly, or resting a single flower on each place setting ties nicely together with a beautiful bouquet centerpiece. Think out of the box and let your creativity take over when working with flowers and nature!

Tablescape with candles - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Elle Decoration SE

6. Candles - The best thing about candles is they come in a variety of sizes and colors to enhance the intimacy of your event, especially at night. For outdoors, I prefer glass since I can be sure votive holders and hurricane lamps are secure and won't blow over or be blown out by any breeze. Flameless candles are another safe option that provide just as much ambiance.

As you can see, the best tablescapes are the ones that look elegant and effortless, yet personal. Make it your own... express yourself... take chances and let your creativity shine. With these tips, you’ll be creating stunning tablescapes like a pro!

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