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5 Life Lessons I Learned From Interior Design

Hi Fabulistas!

As an interior designer, I love working closely with my clients to create the spaces of their dreams. Designing beautiful, comfortable spaces that complement my clients is my gift to them. The other day, I was thinking about how each of my projects gives back to me in the form of personal growth, as well as career growth. Here are 5 life lessons I've learned from interior design:

1. Know Thyself

Get to know your style - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Bronwyn Poole

Confidence begins at home! When you feel good about your home, you feel good about yourself. Our homes are our sanctuaries, so work towards creating an environment that nurtures and inspires you! Your home is also the easiest place to begin expressing yourself. Since your home is a reflection of you, let it reflect your interests and passions. Have fun creating a cozy space for reading if that's what you love. If travel is your passion, experiment with displaying items you bring home from your travels. It's all about you!

2. Confidence Comes From Taking Risks

Take design risks - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Emily Henderson

Growth comes from making those decisions where we're at first unsure or uncomfortable. I like to think in positive terms like, "What's the best that could happen if you _____?" Have you always wanted a red accent wall? Paint it! The best that can happen is that you love it! If you paint that wall and decide it was a valiant attempt, it's only paint and you can easily find another color that better suits you. The thing to remember is that you pushed past your doubts and took a chance - that's something to be so proud of! Soon enough, I just know you'll find yourself living boldly in other areas of your life, too!

3. Trust Your Instincts

Life lessons by design - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Jane Lockhart

When it comes to taking chances, you have to be able to listen to that guiding voice and trust yourself! We all know that feeling when we find a wonderful chair that's love at "first sit" or a gorgeous piece of art that calls to us. Listen to those cues! Your instincts are pretty amazing and can guide you to make great decisions that enhance your life. Let them guide you to pair patterns, colors and textures that feel right to you. You'll build a strong foundation of personal style as you flex your instinctual muscles more and more!

4. Know The Art of Compromise

Sharing your space - Robin Baron

Image Robin Baron Design

When it comes time to share your space with a roommate, a spouse and even kids, healthy compromise keeps everything happy and harmonious! It helps to take an inventory of your items so you know what you're working with, and to know what pieces you may have to purchase. Talking things out in detail is key, as is using visual examples to illustrate what each of you has in mind. When you focus on creating a space that's unique and reflects the personality and style of everyone, it becomes that much more special!

5. Life Is Too Short Not To Have Fun

Design life lessons - Robin Baron

Image Robin Baron Design

The golden rule! I say always make room for fun and for your personality to shine through, quirks included! You may find the perfect complement to your traditional decor is a peppy piece of modern art, I say go for it! If you take yourself too seriously, how will you get to experience the fun that ultimately comes from and also inspires creativity, exploration and growth?

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