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5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Halloween

Hello Fabulistas! Halloween is a wonderful time of year. It’s a great time to experiment with fun home décor. From the spooky to the spook-tacular, you can find inspiration everywhere!

Candy in a Pumpkin Credit: Pinterest

Candy in a Pumpkin Halloween or not, pumpkins are a must-have item for the fall! You can use them for home décor inside and outside your home, you can carve them to be a scary accent or use the pumpkin seeds as a great party snack! For Halloween, carve the pumpkin, place a bowl inside and fill it with candy. It’s also a great way to serve appetizers and drinks at a Halloween party. Pumpkins are great for Thanksgiving too…just be sure to get fresh ones for your Thanksgiving festivities.

halloween2_a Credit: Pinterest

halloween2_b Credit: Tumblr

Spook-tacular Décor Carved pumpkins, etched pumpkins, candy, potpourri, acorns and leaves can all be used as Halloween décor. Use a stencil to create a scary or etched pumpkin. Then, place a battery-operated candle inside (for safety) to light the trick-or-treaters’ way to your door. For less spooky décor, take a glass hurricane and mix candy in layers for an edible centerpiece or a window display. Fill it with acorns and leaves, add lights and fake spiders and maybe a little faux-cobwebs to complete the scene with your own fabulous twist.

halloween3_b Credit: Flickr/Frances B. Angelone and Yahoo!

Haunted Houses This week’s Time Out magazine’s Things to Do section shared the best Halloween houses in New York. If you’re anything like my daughter, you’re going to have to visit them all! Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to create a haunted house of your own. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a good haunted house, so don’t forget to share!

halloween4 Credit: Pinterest

Mask Your Identity I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration and Halloween is the perfect time…there is no shortage of DIY projects for Halloween. Create a unique mask from things you have around your home and use it as an accent on your table or wear it to answer the door when you give out candy…like I do!

halloween5 Credit: Pinterest

Teal Pumpkin Project As a mom, I’ve always loved going to trick-or-treating with my kids. This year, since they’re both off at college, I’ll be entertaining the little ghouls, ghosts and superheroes in my neighborhood! I’ve always made sure the candy was safe for my kids to eat, but now there’s a new project directed towards helping children with allergies…they deserve to have fun without the worry too. The Teal Pumpkin Project was started by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). It encourages people to paint a pumpkin teal - the color of food allergy awareness - and provide non-food treats, like glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces or bouncy balls, stickers, stencils and more! I hope you’ll consider joining the teal pumpkin project this year…what fabulous treats can you suggest?

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