Tuesday’s Trends: Ghoul-Fabulous Halloween Finds

Holidays are a fab time to go bold. Plus, who doesn’t love to mix in some festive pieces into your everyday life? Halloween is just the beginning of several months dedicated to celebrating the holidays!

Small pieces and accessories can do wonders for your home and life in making the season feel extra special. Like I say, there’s no such thing as neutral. And that applies to this spooky season too. A metallic skull nestled on a bookshelf or a bleeding candle taper can speak volumes of haunted tales!

Anatomy Lesson

Eerie skulls in glam textures and finishes find a festive niche.


Bird Skull Ring from Alkemie


Morton Skull from Z Gallerie


Centuries Past

Floral curls and decoration in shades of gray and black easily add some serious spookiness.

Baroque Bloom Necklace from Jewelmint

Phantom Candelabra from Z Gallerie


Luxe Candy Cauldron

Do better than a neutral basket when serving up sugary sweets to guests.

Monster Bone Crunch Bar from Dylan’s Candy Bar

Lowell Bowl from Crate & Barrel


Bloody Good Fun

Light-hearted décor that doesn’t belong in a slasher flick.

Bleeding Tapers Set from Pier 1

Bloody Knife Spatula from World Market

I love getting in the Halloween spirit! Do you love adding fun Halloween accessories to your ensembles and home like I do? Share your Halloween celebration ideas on my Facebook page or tweet them @robinbaron!

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