Home With a Park View

It’s not every day I get to design with a view of Central Park as a focal point. This spectacular project involved merging two apartments into one, and reimagining the space from the ground up. I wanted to reflect my client’s traditional tastes and their love of entertaining, while celebrating the building’s original architecture and the spectacular view.

I started by working with the architect to combine the apartments—always a tricky endeavor in New York! From the two spaces, we created one expansive home. A gracious place for the couple and their son to live, with a flow and chef’s kitchen to make entertaining clients and friends a joy.

Room by room, we finished the project with warm, traditional style. To welcome guests, I designed a gracious entry foyer, with custom mosaic tile inlay designed into the wood floor. From there, we selected fabrics and rugs, artwork and accessories, to bring it all together in one ultra cozy, inviting space. This large, light filled, family apartment with stunning views is now a comfortable and welcoming home for the family and all who enter.


Our homes are a reflection of who we are…they also help us become who we want to be.

Place objects that inspire and uplift you in key locations throughout your home. Also...a little Feng Shui goes a long way!