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Wood you Fake It?

I generally try to stay away from fakes, but when it comes to faux bois, it’s a whole other story. In honor of Bastille Day this week, I thought it appropriate to call attention to this current design trend...faux bois is French for "fake wood." The design treatment that makes other materials look like wood started in the 19th century, when wood was imitated for economic reasons. Nowadays, it’s become a cool fashion statement that can take many forms. From wallpaper to rugs, fabrics, pillows and paint, there are endless ways to apply this look to your home! Trompe le Table Chilewich’s faux bois table mats look gorgeously earthy from far away, but get closer, and you'll see that they actually feature a digitally-printed simulated wood grain. The mats come in three “woods” (Birch, Driftwood, and Walnut) and work both indoors and out. If you really want to branch out, try the matching coasters too! Chilewich | simplifyingfabulous.com False Wall Deck your walls with faux bois wallpaper as a funky take on traditional paneling. Wallpaper company Flavor Paper does an absolutely stunning screen print in a pretty pink Blush Clay with pale gold wood grain. Did you know that faux bois could be so glamorous? Flavor Paper | simplifyingfabulous.com Lovely Liner If you're feeling cheeky, add a bit of this faux bois contact paper from The Home Depot to the back of a real wood bookcase. The grain will be noticeably different, especially if the piece is painted a color other than a natural stain. Other ways to use it would be to line the drawers of your home office desk, apply it to the front of a dresser, or simply frame pieces and hang them on the wall! Home Depot | simplifyingfabulous.com Frame It You may feel a bit like Snow White looking into Oly Studio's faux bois mirrors. The twig-shaped resin pieces would bring a touch of the enchanted forest to any hallway or living space! Oly Studio | simplifyingfabulous.comOly Studio | simplifyingfabulous.com Get Faux-nky Lastly, get this look whenever and wherever you want with Martha Stewart’s DIY decorative painting tool kit. The wavy graining brush can help you faux-ifiy any place that you want to add a bit of whimsy: an accent room in a library, the door to the kids playroom or flea-market-find furniture, perhaps? Go ahead and fake it...embrace faux bois!

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