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Who Knew a Dishwasher Could be so Smart?

Miele | simplifyingfabulous.com This is the question I found myself asking after being introduced to Miele's Futura Series Dishwasher. Leave it to German-founded Miele, whose slogan is “Immer Besser" (or “Forever Better” in English), to take the dishwasher to the next level! The Futura Series Dishwasher is claimed to be the “most intelligent dishwasher” and I have to say that I may just well be convinced! The series is innovative, efficient, and high quality. The features seem endless yet the product is user-friendly (even for those who are not technologically advanced). I love my dishwasher as much as anyone else, but there are some simple differences that would make my life that much easier. Anyone have any pet peeves with their dishwasher? Miele fixed every one of mine… New Dimensions A 3D Cutlery Tray offers space for those oddly shaped, but extremely necessary cooking cutlery like a whisk or ladle. The tray still has individual utensil holders, but they are adjustable and can slide, creating the perfect space for the odds and ends that never seem to fit. Miele | simplifyingfabulous.com Hard Day's Night The ultimate worst is when you come home after a long day at work, and there are either no clean dishes, or the dishwasher has just finished and the clean ones are too hot to handle! Miele engineers must have had me in mind when they designed the Turbo option, which does just as it sounds: Washes dishes in a jif. The AutoOpen feature automatically pops open the door to let the hot air escape while drying the dishes. When you go to reach for a clean dish, you won’t have to worry about the wave of steam rushing at you before you can reach that bowl. Genius. Pure genius. Tough Cookie If you were hand-washing your finest crystal glasses, you'd be much gentler on them than if you were washing pots and pans, right? Again, Miele took note and has designed a variety of cleaning strengths, ranging from intensive to ultra gentle. Additionally, the Futura series allows you to select only sections of the dishwasher to receive the intense cleaning, so you can have the crystal and the pots in the same wash! Clean Machine Ever been putting your dishes away and find a spoon that is still dirty or a glass with a smudge? The Futura Series has gone to extreme measures to ensure the best quality of each dishwasher. Riedel took the model for a test drive, washing a series of 1,500 of its crystal glasses to ensure that the PerfectCare system delivered nothing less than the best. Technology is all about making life easier and better so that we have the time and energy to take care of the things that really matter. Miele's technologies have done just this: offered the solutions to some of life's little pet peeves without compromising quality. That's what I call Simplifying Fabulous! > all photos via Miele

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