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What's Hot This Month: July

Hello Fabulistas! We're in the full swing of summer and I'm fully embracing this heat and humidity. (My hair is another story, though.) In the nature of that, so many of the things I'm loving right now have to do with the outdoors and seasonably warm weather.

from Pinterest

Mother of Pearl What's old is new again, but I'm unsure if this lovely sheen-y material ever truly went out of style! There's lots to love with the flair my favorite current material is giving the natural stone in this floor. This bath looks like the ultimate in luxury!

from Houzz

Rattan Revival I shared my love for wicker a few weeks ago, but the material's close cousin is also seen in so many fab pieces. There's definitely a retro feel to rattan pieces, especially with these swinging chairs. They're like a couple of great pieces you hung onto from your aunt!

from Houzz

Printed Tape

If you haven't visited your local crafts--or office supplies--store lately, you're clearly missing out on all the fun patterns that are ripe for fun little DIY projects. Plus, how easy does it get updating an old object with printed tape?! I love the way Eric Domesk from P.S. I Made This updated an old lamp with tape and studs!

from P.S. I Made This

DIY Face and Hair Masks

Between sunburns and frizzy hair, sometimes I look to look in my kitchen pantry for problem-solving beauty treatments. Some of our favorite store-bought treatments include ingredients that we use in cooking and food prep, so why not be a little adventurous and spend a summer afternoon whipping up your own treatments?

Coconut oil and honey hair mask from The Everygirl

Revenge Wears Prada

There's something about summer that reminds me to slow down and take the time to read a few good books. I knew that I wanted to read "Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns" as soon as I heard it was happening. I loved the first book from Lauren Weisburger, "The Devil Wears Prada". So if I get anything done this month, I'm making sure that it's reading this book.

Are you loving any of these things right now too? What are you focused on for the month of July?

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