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Welcome to the new look of Simplifying Fabulous!™

I’m so excited about the new design! We’ve been busy working on it over the last few months, and I’m very happy that I can finally unveil it and share it with you.

Simplifying Fabulous!™ is my personal view on all things design, fashion and lifestyle. It’s like “seeing things through my eyes” so that became the inspiration for the new logo…my eyeglasses (yes, these really are the ones I wear every day!). I want to continue to share how I see things and thought the glasses made the blog feel more personal. Don’t worry though, my alter ego, Cartoon Robin…well, maybe she’s not so “alter” :) …is part and parcel of everything I do, and she’s still an active part of the blog.

I’m all about re-thinking and re-inventing yourself. It’s an essential part of life, and growth. And it’s what social media is all about…responding to, and embracing, fans and community…to help make your experience richer.

That’s why I’m most excited to tell you that from now on we’re going to be blogging EVERY DAY. We’re adding more categories that are near and dear to my heart like fashion, food and lifestyle. After all, aren’t they all related to living fabulously?

I hope you enjoy the new and expanded Simplifying Fabulous!™ as much as I do. Keep your eye out for all of the fun and exciting posts…and please spread the word and share it with your friends!



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