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Vibrant Pottings: Top Picks for Small Planters from Etsy

Hello Fabulistas! One of my favorite parts of spring is all the blooming greenery. It's so refreshing after a long winter. But, no matter where you are, keeping a small, deskside container plant is a nice way to brighten your day. It never hurts to find a chic planter to contain your plants. Here are some of my favorite small planters from Etsy. Folded hands I always look for planters that are stylish enough to display without plants. This folded hands one is sculptural and beautiful. It would look wonderful in an all-white table vignette.


from Etsy/sculptureindesign

Layered line planter

This hand-pinched container is made to order, which is part of the reason that I love it. Customization is one of my favorite things about creating spaces for my clients. It also just makes a piece feel so special!


from Etsy/halflighthoneystudio

Neon cups

These little planters bring a little more color to your houseplant game. Plus, the pops of neon are just enough if you're more of a neutral fan.


from Etsy/windandwillowhome

Concrete color block

These little containers can work on so much more than just contain plants. They would make chic little storage containers for an office space or a windowsill in a small space.


from Etsy/nystromgoods

Felt pods

These unexpected little knitted terrariums are perfect for air plants or succulents. You'd never expect knitted planters! The texture makes for an interesting foil for greenery.


from Etsy/theyarnkitchen

Which planter is your favorite? What kinds of plants do you like to use in your small planters? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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