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Tuesday's Trends: Terra Cotta Transformed

Hello Fabulistas! One thing that I'm always doing as an interior designer is finding ways to reinterpret old design motifs. I think we all have a few old terra cotta planters stashed away somewhere. They're a container gardening staple! But you won't believe the transformations this material is getting. Here are some of my favorite surprising terra cotta products and looks:

from Tumblr

A lighter shade of terra cotta

I'm not used to seeing this washed-out shade of the tried-and-true pottery material, but I love it! I'd suggest using it as a planter, but I'd rather use it as a sculptural centerpiece by itself so you can admire its irregular edges.

Willoughby bowl from Project Decor

Terra cotta path

You know that I'm all about reusing and recycling, so I had to share this idea for a path made of broken terra cotta pots. Of course, you wouldn't want to walk on this barefoot and I would suggest lightly sanding the edges of pieces for safety.

from Pinterest

Terra cotta mural

Sick of looking down on terra cotta? Well, this outdoor wall feature forces you to gaze up and down at all these amazing details! I'm all for making your outdoor spaces as fab as your indoor ones. What a great way to customize a plain wall!

from Houzz

Under the sea planter

I'm always bookmarking fab containers to use on clients' projects. Just think of all the floral possibilities that could spill out of this shell-shaped, aged container!

Shell planter from Authentic Provence

Wall of terra cotta

I've never seen a vertical container garden like this before, but I'd love to execute it for a project! One of my favorite things about greenery is the relaxing element it brings to a space. Wouldn't curling up in that cheery chair be just fab?!

from Pinterest

It seems that the reinterpretations of your typical terra cotta pot are endless. What are some of your favorites? Have you seen other new takes on the old standby?

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