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Tuesday's Trends: Supersize Florals

Hello Fabulistas! Just because it's after Labor Day doesn't mean that you can't still rock florals. And speaking of New York Fashion Week, (which has now officially started), large-scale florals were a huge trend for the fall runways. So keep out those floral motifs on a grand scale. They're in for fall!

from Pinterest

Layers upon layers

If you want to do a trend, really go for it! Normally, this many floral prints wouldn't be my taste at all, however, the brick wall really balances out all the patterns. If you're not comfortable with this many floral prints, copy the oversized floral wall art instead!

from Houzz

A bit of Andy

It's always interesting to see how current fashion trends reference past pieces of art. The image of one of Andy Warhol's "Flowers" graces this iPhone case. I love the freedom phone cases can give you when it's time to change your style with the seasons!

from Incase

Huckleberry pillow cover

Feeling a little iffy on florals for fall? I understand, but let this lovely pillow cover do the talking for me! The colors on this are fall-y to enough to convince almost anyone of this trend.

from Etsy

Cross stitch mural

I can't resist something cheeky that references something else! This cross-stitch-style floral wall mural is so chic and different. I would have never thought to do it myself!

from Pinterest

Are you invested in the oversize floral fall trend? How would you use it in your home?

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