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Tuesday's Trends: Spring-y Sea Foam

Hello lovelies! If keeping up with hot new color trends is basically an art form, you could say that art is truly my passion. I talk about color on here a lot, but that's because it's so important! The easiest way to brighten and truly transform a space is by adding in some FAB color to it. Right now, I'm thinking all about spring and bright, vivid colors. Sea Foam is something that's so VIBRANT and spring-y. It's definitely getting me through all these dull winter blues! It constrasts beautifully with other bright colors and metallics. Don't you love how this Sea Foam-green wall pulls together the coral, metallics, navy and more?!

via Ashley Cole Design

I also love to see this light blue-green shade contrasted with white! It makes things look that much more classic. This would be the perfect little color combo for a beachhouse. Did someone say Hamptons?!

via Apartment Therapy

One of my favorite things to collect is little whimsical decor items. This little figurine is so prim and COLORFUL! Great accents don't always have to be precious or fragile. The best ones have lots of personality, like this little gem!

Lady Figurine from Fish's Eddy

When you live in New York City, storage is ESSENTIAL. I'm always thinking of new ways that I can incorporate fab storage solutions into my clients' homes. However, you don't always have the time or budget for built-in storage, so little stylish objects like this make fabulous solutions. Basic boxes are great for storage, but why not invest in some storage options that also function as art?

Ashley Container from Shop Robin

One easy upgrade I always encourage clients to take in a kitchen is a FAB tile backsplash. It always creates a custom look, and draws one's eye in and throughout the room. There's always time for a neutral, but I adore colorful tilework! A solid color is wonderful, but a mosaic, like this one, goes even farther!

Mosaic Backsplash from Daltile

Collecting antiques is one of my favorite pastimes! I love when pieces tell a story, even on a small scale. This 1960s circa largescale serving tray has so many details that would WOW guests at a party. I'm constantly finding uses for stylish trays like this in my home!

California Leaf Serving Dish from Etsy

What are some of your favorite Sea Foam-centric looks and products? Share some of your favorites in the comments below!

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