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Tuesday's Trends: Menswear-Enlisted Military Style

I love all things glam, including military accents! Military duds are made for practicality, but there’s much to be learned from these surprisingly stylish standards. Designers across the style scale showed military-style looks on the F/W ’12 runways. The look is fab, but extremely wearable for those that shy away from bolder trends. Perfect for when you have “nowhere to go” but still want to look fab! I love how that mentality can inspire home décor too! There’s something super chic about a piece that looks utilitarian. Just like mixing the high and the low, luxe and military-inspired pieces can live together harmoniously. Bomber Jacket Throwing a little bit of military into your style mix is easy with a bomber jacket. Chic and a little rebellious, it's a fantastic on-the-go piece that doesn't require aviator glasses! Although, they look fab with the specs if you choose to pair them!

Shearling collar jacket from CURRENT/ELLIOT

Chic and Sturdy Lots of military-style home pieces are gorgeous, but can take a lot of abuse. There's a lot to say for a fab piece of furniture that can take the ups and downs, like this chest inspired by interlocking aluminum of historic WWII jet fighters!

Black Hawk chest medium from Timothy Oulton

Olive Green It’s no coincidence that that hue goes with a rainbow of colors! You know how black goes with most things? The same goes for olive! This handsome military watch not only hits on the men's watch trend, but also this military hue. Keeping military time is no issue with numbers on the outer rim!

Expedition Military Field Watch from Timex

Repurposed Surplus It isn’t tough to find army surplus materials that you can get creative with while respecting their original use. This pillow cover, made from a repurposed Swiss army blanket, is masculine and green (not just the olive kind)!

Wool Swiss Cross Military pillow from BrinandNohl

Do you think military style is as fab as I do? Share your favorite military style pieces on my Facebook page, or tweet them @robinbaron!

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