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Tuesday's Trends: Luxe Velvet

Hello Fabulistas! I woke up to a sprinkling of snow in New York this morning and I'm reaching for plush fabrics. That brings me to one of my current obsessions, velvet. The fabric comes in and out of style in cycles. Right now, I'm fully embracing it in design and fashion. Here are some of my current velvet highlights. velvet

from Home and Garden

Frame-worthy velvet pillow

I do adore a fab pillow. I'm quite a collector of them! Switching an old one out with a fresh, new one that embodies a new trend is so easy it should be a crime. This one is downright sumptuous with all the detailing and velvet texture!


from Banarsi Designs

Velvet headband

Even when I'm just running around the corner for a hot choclate, I always try to keep my ears warm during winter. Sometimes I just don't feel like having mess hair from wearing a big hat, though. I love this chic little velvet headband. What a fab piece to have in your winter coat closet!

headbandfrom Uncovet

Velvet and mirrored boots

Boots are a closet staple for me and many other New Yorkers. (Stay tuned for more on my winter faves.) But plain black can get boring. The mirrored heels and rich velvet on this pair could help me make it through any late winter blues. How chic!


from Opening Ceremony

Refined velvet chaise

Whenever I think of luxurious decor, a chaise in a rich fabric comes to mind. I'd love to collapse onto this chic piece after a day spent designing for my clients. I think it would pair nicely with a stack of great books!


from Urban Outfitters

How are you taking full advantage of the velvet trend this season? I'd love to hear about your fave ways to use the fabric in the comments below!

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